Frequently Asked Questions

How do I light my wood wick candle?

You can light a wood wick essentially the same way you would light a standard cotton or hemp wick. We recommend using a long reach lighter and simply holding the flame to the wick until it is lit across, usually just a few seconds. For the first burn, keep your candle lit until the wax pool reaches the edges of the container. This will help prevent tunneling in the future. You will likely need to trim your wick before lighting again. To do this simply pinch off and discard any burnt out remnants. Do not leave wick trimmings in your candle as this could present a fire hazard.

How long should I burn my candle?

We suggest burning your 10OZ and 16OZ candles for 2-3 hours at a time and your 4OZ candles 1-2 hours. This will extend the life and hot throw of your candles.

I'm having a hard time re-lighting my candle. What should I do?

If you're having trouble re-lighting your wood wick then you more than likely need to trim your wick. To do this simply pinch off and discard any burnt out remnants from the tip of the wick. Do not leave any wick remnants in the container as this may present a fire hazard.

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