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This scent provides a relaxing aura of stress relief with beautifully floral notes from the Organic Lavender Essential Oil balanced upon a layer of subtle woodsy tones from the Wildcrafted Cedarwood and Amyris [West Indian Sandalwood] Essential Oils. We've added a pinch of Organic Clove Essential Oil just slight enough to provide a hint of warmth.


Our Essential Oil Candles are made with only Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oils to give you the pure scent nature intended. We use chemical free, all-natural Soy Wax with no added fillers. Our double wood wick offers a clean burning flame that produces no harsh smoke. Disclaimer - Candles made with only Essential Oils have a lighter scent throw. They give off a beautifully gentle natural fragrance when burning.


  • Materials: Glass Jar, Soy Wax, Wood Wick, Essential Oil, Hemp Twine, Wildcrafted Oil, Organic Oil

Lavender Cedarwood Amyris Clove